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Comet ISON

Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

Astrophotography: Catching Comets

Photographing comets presents unique challenges to your astrophotography routine. A few straightforward techniques can help.

Astro DSLR

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Astro DSLR Cameras Come of Age

We are now on our third generation of commercial DSLR’s dedicated to astrophotography, and it just keeps getting better.

Bump In the Night

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Astro Photobombs: These Things Can Ruin Your Image

Unexpected vibrations, airplanes, and satellites can ruin your exposures without you knowing it — here's what to look for.

Achieving Balance

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Finding Your (Color) Balance in Astrophotography

Proper color balance is the foundation of a good-quality color image.

Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

A Few Words on Short Exposures for Astrophotography

As optics and camera technologies continue to improve, just how short of an exposure can we get away with?


Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

CCDs, CMOS, and the Future of Astrophotography

Sure, the days of the CCD are numbered, but don't start planning the funeral just yet. The recent news that OnSemi will discontinue production of CCD sensors (formerly made by Kodak) next year sent shockwaves through the amateur astronomy community. Many proclaimed the end of CCDs in astrophotography. But not…

White Light

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

How to Safely Photograph the Sun (and the Transit of Mercury)

Photographing the Sun can be perfectly safe, as long as you take the proper precautions. You can use these techniques to photograph the November 11th transit of Mercury.

Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

Astrophotography: Color Cameras vs. Monochrome With Filters

Which is better for astrophotography, a color camera or a monochrome camera? Both of course!

Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

Shooting Star Trails

Star trail images are a great and fun introduction to nightscape photography, and they're actually pretty easy to do.

DSLR Modification

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

How to Modify Your DSLR for Astrophotography

Modifying my DSLR camera was the smartest thing I could have done for my astrophotography. Here's why.

Before and after

Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

Satellites, Begone! Remove Trails from Your Astrophotography

While the growing number of satellites above our heads is a concern, there are ways to mitigate their appearances in deep-sky astrophotography.

Lucky Imaging

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

An Introduction to Lucky Imaging for Astrophotography

Despite its name, luck has nothing to do with "lucky imaging." The technique is a powerful tool for crisp, clear astrophotography. Here, we take on lucky imaging of the Moon.

Shoot for the Moon

Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

Shoot for the Moon

After all these years, the Moon still hasn't lost its luster as an astrophotography target. Richard S. Wright Jr. provides the basics for a good Moon shot.


Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

Astro-Imaging: Don't Throw A FITs, Man!

The FITS file is so much more than just an image format. If you're looking to get serious about deep-sky astrophotography, here's what FITS can offer you.

Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

Astro-Imaging: Stretching the Truth

There's more than one way to stretch your data . . . and the truth.

Binary overlay

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Astrophotography: Bits, Bytes & Dynamic Range

Wider is better for astrophotography — understand the basics of bit depth and dynamic range for better astrophotos.


Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

Astrophotography: Let's Get Linear

Richard Wright explains the importance of linearity — a measure of how a detector accumulates lights — in getting the most from your space images.


Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

What Magnification Is That?

Telesope magnification is much more complex than it might seem at first glance.


Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Star Clusters: The Low Hanging Fruit of Astrophotography

Star clusters are a terrific way to practice your astrophotography fundamentals!

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Choosing the Best (Good Enough) ISO for Astrophotography

Astrophotographer Richard S. Wright, Jr. shares an easy way to test your DSLR camera to find its best low-light ISO performance.