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Nova Puppis 2007

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Nova in Puppis

On Nov. 14, 2007, a star in the constellation Puppis suddenly became visible in binoculars.


Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

November's Audio Guide to the Heavens

Finding Comet Holmes — and other great sky sights — is a snap if you download this podcast to your MP3 player and head outdoors after dark.

Celestial News & Events

Comet Holmes Beckons Skygazers Worldwide

As of January 4th the comet, ever-enlarging and thinning, is still in naked-eye view — but only if you have a fairly dark-sky site. Use binoculars to follow its next moves.

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See the International Space Station Tonight!

The world's largest orbiting satellite is a snap to spot if you know where and when to look for it.

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Uranian Moons Transit Tonight

This evening, if you've got a good planetary imaging setup, see if you can rcord the shadows of Titania and Ariel as they drift across the cloud tops of Uranus.

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Listen to October's Podcast

Fact: the "Summer Triangle" is easiest to see at this time of year. Learn all about it — and lots more — in our easy-on-the-ears guided tour of the October evening sky.

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Astronomy Day, Redux

For the second time this year, skywatchers the world over are celebrating Astronomy Day. If the sky is clear this weekend, you'll be treated to a bounty of late-summer stars and planets.

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

Listen to Our September Podcast

This month's podcast explores how there still plenty of summer's stars to view even as we transition to autumn.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

Moonset Eclipse

Missing totality makes an eclipse's partial phase all the more rewarding.

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A Particularly Dark Full Moon

Tuesday morning's total lunar eclipse made for a stunningly dark, beautiful sight.

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Lunar Eclipse on August 28th

Catch the Moon in eclipse before sunrise on August 28th.

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Prepare for the Perseids

August is the best month to view meteors from the Northern Hemisphere. And conditions are ideal this year, with activity peaking on the new-Moon night of Sunday–Monday, August 12–13.

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Increasing Chance of Meteors

The meteor rate is finally picking up after a multi-month drought.

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Star Cluster/Comet Encounter

On Sunday evening Comet LINEAR (C/2006 VZ13) passes within kissing distance of the great globular star cluster Messier 3.

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Mercury in the Morning

The innermost planet makes a fine appearance in the eastern sky during the last two weeks of July.

Celestial News & Events

Comet LINEAR Graces the Northern Sky

An unexpectedly bright comet is crossing a well-known part of the sky.

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