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KIDS Dark Matter Map


Not-So-Clumpy Dark Matter Poses Cosmological Challenge

Astronomers analyzing a new sky survey have found that the distribution of dark matter in the modern universe is smoother than predicted from observations of a far younger universe.

Bullet Cluster


Does a Fifth Force Permeate the Universe?

A team of theoretical physicists thinks a fifth force could explain an anomaly spotted in a nuclear physics experiment. If true, it could have huge ramifications for particle physics and dark matter — but that’s a pretty big if.

IceCube neutrino telescope


Search for Fourth Neutrino Goes Cold

The Antarctic observatory known as IceCube has ruled out the existence of a fourth type of neutrino particle — and one-time dark matter contender — known as the light sterile neutrino.

Bottom view of LUX


No Dark Matter from LUX Experiment

An underground detector reports zero detections of weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs), the top candidate for mysterious dark matter.

Astronomy Questions & Answers

The Kavli Foundation Q&A: Dwarf Galaxies and the Quest for Dark Matter

Satellite dwarf galaxies orbiting the Milky Way should help scientists better grasp the universe's evolution while also homing in on dark matter's identity.


Mapping Dark Matter

Two projects are mapping the distribution of dark matter in the universe, probing scales both large and small.


How Slippery Is Dark Matter?

Dozens of galaxy clusters confirm that dark matter particles slip right past each other within messy cluster mergers.

Potential dwarf galaxies


New Dwarf Galaxies Near Milky Way

Astronomers have found a set of new dwarf galaxy candidates near the Milky Way Galaxy, a discovery crucial to understanding dark matter.

Galaxy cluster Abell 1689

Science-based Q&A

The Kavli Foundation Q&A: Dark Matter at Long Last? Three New Experiments Ramp Up

Three astrophysicists discuss preparations for three recently funded dark matter experiments, and the likelihood that one of them will strike gold.

Perseus Cluster


Mysterious X-rays Might Hint at Dark Matter

Astronomers have discovered a spike of X-ray emission in galaxy clusters — “ordinary” interpretations don’t hold up, so some are turning to dark matter for answers.


Dark Matter Spotted in the Milky Way?

A team of astronomers claim to have the most compelling case for annihilating dark matter yet.


Two Blows for Dark Matter Model

Two recent experiments limit physicists’ favorite candidate for the elusive and invisible matter lurking in the universe.


Homing in on Dark Matter

Three potential detections from deep underground could be from dark matter particles. While still uncertain, the result suggests a particle mass in keeping with hints from several other experiments.


Possible Dark Matter Signal?

Scientists using an instrument aboard the International Space Station have measured a signal that might come from dark matter — or might not.


Hubble Images Stir Up Dark Matter Debate

Dark matter in the "Train Wreck" galaxy cluster (Abell 520) appears to behave in unusual ways. Now, new Hubble images are heating up the debate.


New Maps of Dark Matter

An intensive study of dark matter’s distribution in the universe has verified predictions of where the invisible stuff that makes up the majority of cosmic matter resides.


Dark Matter and Dark Energy Update

From the Milky Way's halo to the far reaches of the cosmos, the two dominating components of the universe are revealing more hints about themselves.

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Astronomy & Observing News

Is Fermi Seeing Dark Matter?

A new analysis showing a cloud of high-energy particles hovering around the center of the Milky Way could be the signature of dark matter and evidence of a “dark force”, but not everyone is convinced.