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Opportunity Reaches the End of Its Long Road

Despite months of listening, NASA has failed to pick up any signals from the stalwart Opportunity rover.

Is the dust clearing?

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Rover Call Home: NASA Listens for Opportunity's Wake-up

The Opportunity rover fell silent in June after nearly 15 years of work on the Red Planet. Now the dust storm that prevented its batteries from charging is clearing.

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Observers Anxious for Dust to Settle as Mars Opposition Approaches

With opposition only weeks away, will the current global dust storm finally break? We look at the prospects.

Curiosity Selfie

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What Are Curiosity and Opportunity Up To?

As Schiaparelli prepares to land on Mars, how are the other robotic denizens of the Red Planet doing?


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Opportunity Rover Gets a Cleaning

The Mars rover Opportunity has been cleaned of heavy dust coating its solar panels, thanks to some strong winds blowing over the rim of Endeavour Crater.

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Opportunity's 10-year Martian Marathon

Can you believe it? A robotic rover designed to last 90 days on the Red Planet is celebrating 10 years of successful exploration on the Red Planet — even taking a "selfie" for its handlers back on Earth.

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Opportunity Takes a Bow, Gets Some Rest

It's been eight years since NASA dropped twin rovers onto the Martian surface. Spirit succumbed to the planet's harsh conditions in 2010, but Opportunity continues to amaze mission scientists with its longevity and scientific productivity.

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Opportunity Reaches Its New Home

The surviving one of NASA's two Mars Exploration Rovers is reaching the brink of a whole new adventure on Mars.

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Opportunity's Mad Dash

After spending 4½ years doing geologists' bidding on Mars, you'd think that NASA would give its rovers a rest. Instead, one of them has started rolling toward a large crater that it likely won't reach for two years.

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Opportunity is Going In

Now that the dust storms have passed, the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity should begin studies inside Victoria Crater in the coming weeks.

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Opportunity Readies for Crater Dive

The Mars rover Opportunity will soon make a risky but scientifically rewarding descent into Victoria crater.

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Opportunity Unstuck

One of Opportunity's cameras acquired this image shortly after ground controllers freed the rover from a small sand dune.Courtesy NASA / JPL.

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Opportunity Finds an Iron Meteorite

Tests have confirmed that the basketball-size Heat Shield Rock, imaged here by Opportunity's panoramic camera, is a meteorite composed primarily of iron and nickel. Note the small 'blueberries' that surround the meteorite.Courtesy NASA / JPL / Cornell University. On December 21, 2004, the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity arrived at its…

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Opportunity Enters Endurance Crater

NASA engineers have decided that driving a Mars rover into a geology-rich crater is worth the risks.