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Orbit of Comet PanSTARRS (C/2017 U1)

Solar System

Astronomers Spot First-Known Interstellar "Comet"

Telescopes only picked it up a week ago, but it's likely been traveling through interstellar space for millions of years.

Neutron star collision


Astronomers Catch Gravitational Waves from Colliding Neutron Stars

Spacetime ripples from the neutron star smash-up usher in the age of multi-messenger astronomy.

Solar Eclipse 2017

Solar System

Millions of Americans Viewed August Solar Eclipse

The 2017 solar eclipse could easily be the most watched event in US history. Can we learn something from it?

Thirty Meter Telescope at night

Professional Telescopes

Hawai'i Gives Go-Ahead to Thirty Meter Telescope

After protests and a judge's ruling brought the colossal Thirty Meter Telescope project to a halt, a state panel has cleared the way for its construction atop Mauna Kea to proceed.

Mrk 533 in Hickson 96 compact group of galaxies

Black Holes

Supermassive Black Holes Discovered in Close Tango

Astronomers have found what could be the closest known pair of supermassive black holes detected via direct imaging, orbiting each other only a light-year apart.

Cassini Grand Finale

Solar System

As Cassini Takes Its Final Plunge, What Will We Learn?

As Cassini dives into Saturn's atmosphere this Friday, ending 13 years of exploration, expect to probe the ringed planet's mysteries as never before.

Voyager 1

Spacecraft and Space Missions

Cheers to 40 Years! Voyagers 1 and 2 Going Strong

Scientists and astronomy enthusiasts are coming together to celebrate two spacecraft, billions of miles beyond Earth, as they head for the stars.

Totality on August 21, 2017

Interviews & Excerpts

After Totality: Eclipse Reactions Video

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse cast its shadow across the US. Sky & Telescope was there, and we captured some of your eclipse reactions.

Eclipse Vs Solar

Celestial News & Events

Total Eclipse vs Solar Power

In addition to clogged roads and crowded hotels, the 2017 solar eclipse had another big effect on U.S. infrastructure: reduced solar power production.

Celestial News & Events

How Will the Sun's Corona Look at Totality?

Updated 8/16 to include Predictive Science, Inc.'s predictions. The total solar eclipse is less than three weeks away, but researchers already have a good indication of how the Sun’s corona will look when it comes into view.

Explore the Night with Bob King

Will Monday's Total Eclipse Change Your Life?

Total eclipses have the power to touch us deeply and reverberate through our life in unexpected ways.

March 2016 total solar eclipse

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Images to Inspire: Solar Eclipse Pictures

We've gathered some of the best pictures of past solar eclipses, total and partial, from our online photo gallery to serve as inspiration for your eclipse photography

Resources and Education

10 Things You Might Forget You Need on Eclipse Day

So you think you’re prepared for your eclipse viewing experience. But may I submit, dear reader, that you might have forgotten to pack a few things...

Umbra from the ISS

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Chasing the Total Solar Eclipse From Orbit

While millions will watch the August 21 total solar eclipse from the ground, International Space Station crew will have an amazing view high from overhead.

Solar eclipse series


What to Look For & When During a Total Solar Eclipse

Look for these astronomical and Earthbound phenomena during the total solar eclipse on August 21st.

Celestial News & Events

What Kind of Solar Eclipse Will You See?

From the makers of SkySafari comes an eclipse widget that lets you see the circumstances of the August 21st solar eclipse for any location.


Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Breakthrough Starshot Takes to Space

Six Sprites, "the world's smallest spacecraft" have entered low-Earth orbit, a small milestone for Breakthrough Starshot's plan for interstellar voyage.

Total solar eclipse seen from Apollo 11

solar eclipse 2017

Buzz Aldrin, Moonwalker and Eclipsophile, Saw Totality Twice from Space

Buzz Aldrin experienced totality twice in space — once on Gemini XII, then on Apollo 11. Next up: Idaho.


Astronomy & Observing News

Still Making Eclipse Travel Plans? Camping Might be the Answer

Think the total solar eclipse is "sold out"? Think again — and grab your camping gear. Private campsites and RV parks within the long path of totality are still available for those willing to travel.

Spotless Sun

Stellar Science

Is Our Sun Slowing Down in Its Middle Age?

The Sun, now halfway through its life, might be slowing its magnetic activity, which could lead to permanent changes in the sunspots and auroras we see.