Mars south pole ice cap

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Evidence Grows for Super-Salty Underground Lakes on Mars

New analysis of data from the European Space Agency's Mars Express orbiter strengthens the case for salty lakes underneath Mars's south polar cap.

ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter looks for methane (art)

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The Martian Methane Mystery Continues

The most advanced instrument ever sent to Mars to study its atmosphere has failed to find any methane after months of searching.

Mars Express

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Liquid Water on Mars! Really for Real This Time (Probably)

A radar instrument on one of the oldest operational Mars orbiters has discovered possible evidence of liquid water on Mars.

Hale Crater's dark streaks

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Waterlogged Salts on Mars

Scientists have confirmed that water-soaked salts likely create dark seasonal lines on Mars.

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Water Once Flowed Under Mars's Surface

Fossilized wrinkles in impact craters suggest once again that water might once have flowed on Mars — this time, beneath the surface.

Tissint meteorite piece


Freshest Mars Rock has Hints of Water

An international team of scientists has teased apart the secrets hidden inside a meteorite from Mars, including signs that the rock weathered acidic water while on the Red Planet.

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Is Water Flowing on Mars?

Spacecraft images are keeping an eye on little surface flows on Mars that show up in midsummer, then fade over time. It's the strongest suggestion yet that the Red Planet can get wet.

Phoenix's powered landing


(Drops of) Water on Mars?

Last year, as a camera aboard the Phoenix lander looked on, drops of supersalty water grew, merged, and even dripped on one of the spacecraft's landing legs.

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Sleuthing Reveals Mars's Watery Past

New findings announced this week suggest that the Red Planet may have had an ancient ocean after all and that buried glaciers of ice have turned up in surprising places.

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Mars Rovers Find More Evidence of Water

As Spirit and Opportunity visit new science targets, they continue to make important discoveries.