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ready for the stars

Stargazing Basics

The Observatories of Sky & Telescope

The backyard observatories of our editorial staff run the gamut from the elegantly simple to the luxuriously complete.

dome sweet dome

Stargazing Basics

Our Stairway to the Stars

Ever since we first became serious about astronomy more than 20 years ago, we dreamed of having our own backyard observatory.

New Product Showcase

Make Way for the LightBridge

Finally a mass-produced Dobsonian telescope with a truss-tube design — until now a feature found only on homemade and premium-priced commercial instruments.

Astronomy Online with Stuart Goldman

Floating Above Earth

A high schooler's software can enliven your Macintosh's desktop.

Astronomy Online with Stuart Goldman

Buffaloed from Observing

Back home from the range, Stuart Goldman is ready to process some vacation photos.

Equipment: Guides & Recommendations

S&T Test Report: Good Gets Better: Meade’s DSI II CCD Cameras

Meade’s original DSI cameras introduced in 2005 offered an unprecedented value for entry-level deep-sky digital imaging. Less than a year later they have been replaced with the DSI II models, which feature improved hardware and software. While the prices have increased, the new cameras still represent an unmatched value for…

ACME Mapper

Astronomy Online with Stuart Goldman

Out of Reach

Some things to look at and think about while this blogger is away.

di Cicco Observatory

DIY: Astronomy Projects & Guidance

Think Big (and Small)

My current observatory is a multilevel structure. It began as a plan to mount my telescopes on the roof of a small barn on the property.

warm air from mirror

Stargazing Basics

How to Successfully Beat Atmospheric Seeing

"Seeing" — the atmospheric quivering that fuzzes out high-power views — is the bane of every telescope user. Here's how to minimize its impact.

Celestron SkyScout

New Product Showcase

SkyScout Hits the Street

The first production models of Celestron's SkyScout began shipping in July, and we had one in time to begin our testing late last month. Here's our first impression.

Scope in a travel case

Telescopes: Guides & Recommendations

Take-Along Telescopes

Want a telescope to bring on your next vacation? Here are some things to consider when looking for a travel scope.

Choosing Your Astronomy Equipment

The Art of Using a Telescope

Congratulations — you've followed our advice and bought the telescope that's best for you. Now learn how to get the most out of it.

Pile o' Binos

Choosing Your Astronomy Equipment

Testing Stargazing Binoculars

How do you choose the right binocular for stargazing? Here's our expert's easy-to-do, step-by-step test.

DIY: Astronomy Projects & Guidance

A Simple Home Observatory in Your Backyard

Size can be deceptive; this small home observatory is remarkably practical.

Removing Mirror

DIY: Astronomy Projects & Guidance

How to Care for Your Telescope Optics the Right Way

The mirror in your telescope will probably work fine with a bit of dust on it, but if it's really dirty, you may want to clean it — carefully!

Stargazing Basics

What Are Celestial Coordinates?

"Right ascension" and "declination" tell you where your telescope is pointed in the sky. But what do they really mean?

Stargazing Basics

Observing from the City

With the stars increasing being lost amid the light pollution of our urban areas, is there no hope for an astronomer in the city? Fortunately, there's still a lot of observing that can be done.


Choosing Your Astronomy Equipment

Optical Aberrations at the Telescope — And How to Avoid Them

Optical aberrations limit the performance of an eyepiece. Here are seven common problems, with solutions where applicable.

Magnifying Lens

Choosing Your Astronomy Equipment

Common Telescope Magnification Myths

Answers to some of the most common misconceptions about telescope magnification.

plenty of elbow room

DIY: Astronomy Projects & Guidance

An Observatory with Sails

After working at Sky & Telescope for nearly a decade I got the chance to build the observatory I'd always wanted.