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Celestial News & Events

Dance of the Planets Concludes

The grand and beautiful planetary lineup is drawing to a close as Venus approaches Jupiter in the western sky at dusk.

Celestial Objects to Observe

A Saturn Occultation for Europeans

On the evening of the 16th, skywatchers across northern Europe will see the Moon occult Saturn. The occultation takes place at midday in northwestern North America.


Asteroid Occultations in April 2002

North American observers can see a 7th- and a 10th-magnitude star occulted by asteroids this month. Here's when and where to look.

Variable Stars

Chi Cygni to Brighten in Early March

The long-period variable Chi Cygni peaks in March. Here's where to find it and what to expect.


Local Times for the Occultation of Saturn

For more than 300 cities throughout North America, the following table tells when the planet Saturn will be covered by the Moon. This event takes place in the afternoon or evening hours of Wednesday, February 20th. Cities are grouped by state or province. First click on the abbreviation of your…

Celestial Objects to Observe

Asteroid Occultations in March 2002

North American observers can see two 10th-magnitude stars occulted by asteroids this March. Here's where to look.


Planetary Occultation Highlights for 2002

Five dozen of these spellbinding events, impossible to predict well until recently, are listed for observers worldwide.


A Saturn-Moon Spectacle

There will be other occultations of Saturn this year — but none with February's prime-time appeal for North American observers.

Juno's irrgular shape

Celestial Objects to Observe

Juno Goes It Alone

Glimpsing Juno during the first half of 2002 will be a challenge.

Crescent Moon from video image


Close-Up of an Alien World

The lunar surface consists of more than just craters and mare. Here's a guide to some of the other lunar features.

Path of Vesta in early 2002.


Vesta Tours the Hyades

This spring, track the third-largest body in the asteroid belt as it passes by the Hyades.

Celestial Objects to Observe

Lunar Occultation Highlights for 2002

Some stars that the Moon covers are so bright, you don’t even need a telescope. Here are some occultation highlights for 2002.

Celestial Objects to Observe

Have You Been Flashed By Iridium?

The Iridium satellites' antenna arrays are almost perfect mirrors. And when they catch the Sun just right — wow!

Celestial News & Events

Martian Flare Watch

Sharp-eyed amateurs have an opportunity to observe a rare phenomenon on another planet and help solve a long-standing puzzle.