Two-faced Iapetus

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Iapetus Comes Over to the Bright Side

Astronomers now know the secret of this moon's strange two-faced appearance, but it's still remarkable to watch the "now you see it, now you don't" performance as it moves around Saturn.

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The Curious Avalanches of Iapetus

Saturn's two-faced moon hosts extraordinary avalanches that cascade much longer than they should. Figuring out what makes them flow might help scientists better understand landslides on Earth.

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What Makes Iapetus So Weird?

Now that scientists have puzzled out this moon's yin-yang appearance, they're tackling the cause of its out-of-round shape, slow spin, and bizarre equatorial ridge.

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Has Iapetus Finally Been Solved?

Saturn's bicolored moon, snowy white on one side and coal-black on the other, has puzzled astronomers for three centuries. Planetologists now think they have it all figured out.

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Iapetus Yields Dark Secrets

Saturn's black-and-white moon has mystified astronomers for centuries. Finally, however, they're learning what a bizarre place it truly is.

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Close-up on Iapetus

NASA's Cassini spacecraft zoomed in to take detailed pictures and other measurements of one of Saturn's weirdest moons.

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Prepare to Be Blown Away by Iapetus

Cassini finally encounters Saturn's wacky moon Iapetus today. Don't wait for the processed pics to be released. Check out the raw images now!

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Intriguing Iapetus

This Cassini image shows Iapetus's leading hemisphere, most of which is as dark as an asphalt parking lot. Scientists were amazed to find a giant ridge girdling at least one-third of the moon's circumference. The highest peaks along the ridge are about 20 kilometers (12 miles) high, which rivals Mars's…

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Iapetus Encountered

Cassini, the craft, was about 72,000 kilometers (44,700 miles) away from Iapetus when it snapped this up-close image of the pockmarked moon.