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Standard-Candle Supernova Confusion

Type 1a supernovas are crucial for measuring how the expansion of the universe has been changing. But no one knows for sure exactly what they are.

Stellar Science

A Magnetar in Sheep's Clothing

A run-of-the-mill pulsar throws off its cloak of normalcy and displays its extraordinary nature.

RS Puppis and surrounding nebula

Milky Way

An Ingenious, Super-Good Cepheid Distance

Using a star's pulsations, their reflections, and some simple geometry, European astronomers have set a new record for the best-known distance to a crucial kind of star.

Stellar Science

A Superfast Star from Far, Far Away

The latest "hypervelocity star" that astronomers are puzzling over didn't even start in our own galaxy.

Stellar Science

A Neutron Star's Hard Core

Astronomers have found some pulsars that appear unusually massive, calling into question our understanding of neutron-star interiors.

Professional Telescopes

The Orion Nebula, Exactly?

Radio astronomers succeed where others have failed to pin down the distance to a great showpiece of the night sky.

Stellar Science

Our Sun's Twin

A faint but observable star in Draco is the closest match yet to the one at the center of our solar system.

Stellar Science

New Route to a Supernova

A distant supernova erupted with signs that it marked the death of not one star, but two.

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