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Title page of C. E. Barns's 1001 Celestial Wonders, 1931 edition.

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More from C. E. Barns's 1001 Celestial Wonders

Here is Jim Mullaney's much longer sample of objects from this delightful 1927 amateur-astronomy guide, in order of right ascension, followed by more illustrations of the book.

globular cluster IMF01 at 12 Gyr

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Beyond the Printed Page: Globular Cluster Simulations

Watch a million stars age in these prize-winning simulations of globular clusters. The simulations track the stars' movements and evolution over 12 billion years.

Trifid Nebula sketch

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The Trifid Nebula

Here's some further reading on the stages of star formation visible in the Trifid Nebula, subject of the May 2016 issue's Going Deep column.

M81 — cool, too.

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Two Cool Galaxies: M81 and M82

How many details can you see when you take a look at galaxies M81 and M82?

Uranus before and after AO

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Adaptive Optics: Before and After

To expand on the feature article on adaptive optics in our May 2016 issue, we're including here a full gallery of before-and-after images. The effect of the technology is immediately visible - and astounding.

Many sound waves

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Understanding Cosmic Sound Waves

Ancient cosmic sound waves (aka baryon acoustic oscillations) shaped the universe we see today. These animations demonstrate how the universe's large-scale structure came to be.

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Sky & Telescope Errata: 2016

Check here for a list of known errata in 2016 issues of Sky & Telescope. If you don't see the error you found, send us an e-mail and alert us.

NGC 3172 by David Ratledge

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Circumpolar Galaxies

On a single night at a remote site, Contributing Editor Steve Gottlieb observed 35 circumpolar galaxies. Here we're providing a complete list of those 35 galaxies,

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Highlights from the International Planetary Patrol Program

Astronomers dedicated significant time and resources to studying the planets as deep-space exploration ramped up in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Elliptical Galaxy IC 2006

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Monster Galaxies

Take advantage of early evenings and dark winter skies — turn your scope southward to view some of the most massive objects in the universe.

The offending stamp

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Beyond the Printed Page: Soviet Stamps and Astronomy

Read on for an entertaining (and true) story on the Soviets, the morals of society, and astronomy.

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Beyond the Printed Page: Gravitational Waves

As part of our December 2015 issue’s articles on general relativity and gravitational waves, we’ve compiled some videos to help you grasp both.

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Forming Massive Stars - Beyond the Printed Page

The cover story of the October 2015 issue features the conundrum of massive star formation: how do these stars can form at all in the hostile environment they themselves create? Here, you'll find accompanying videos.

Scattered galaxies

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Pegasus Galaxy Groups

An observing guide for the Pegasus Galaxy Groups

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Going Deep: Delphinus

Some additional finder aids for "Going Deep" in Delphinus.

X-class solar flare, December 2014

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Beyond the Printed Page: Solar Flares

What is a solar flare? Flares are spikes in emission from the Sun, energy unleashed (we’re fairly sure) when magnetic field lines suddenly reconnect. Read more about them and watch fascinating videos in this online extra to our November 2015 cover story.

NEAF 2011

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NEAF 2015 Product Videos Are Here!

Watch in-depth conversations between Dennis di Cicco and astronomy vendors to find full details on hot new products and featured equipment.

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VIDEO: iOptron at NEAF 2015

iOptron’s chief engineer Kevin Zou takes Sky & Telescope on a tour of the company’s extensive line of telescope mounts and camera tracking platforms.

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VIDEO: Sky-Watcher USA at NEAF 2015

Sky Watcher product specialist Kevin LeGore gives an overview of the company’s latest offering of telescopes.

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VIDEO: Software Bisque at NEAF 2015

Learn the history of Software Bisque, from its introduction of TheSky planetarium software in the 1980s to its evolution of state-of-the-art robotic telescope mounts.