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Scattered galaxies

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Pegasus Galaxy Groups

An observing guide for the Pegasus Galaxy Groups

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Going Deep: Delphinus

Some additional finder aids for "Going Deep" in Delphinus.

X-class solar flare, December 2014

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Beyond the Printed Page: Solar Flares

What is a solar flare? Flares are spikes in emission from the Sun, energy unleashed (we’re fairly sure) when magnetic field lines suddenly reconnect. Read more about them and watch fascinating videos in this online extra to our November 2015 cover story.

NEAF 2011

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NEAF 2015 Product Videos Are Here!

Watch in-depth conversations between Dennis di Cicco and astronomy vendors to find full details on hot new products and featured equipment.

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VIDEO: iOptron at NEAF 2015

iOptron’s chief engineer Kevin Zou takes Sky & Telescope on a tour of the company’s extensive line of telescope mounts and camera tracking platforms.

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VIDEO: Sky-Watcher USA at NEAF 2015

Sky Watcher product specialist Kevin LeGore gives an overview of the company’s latest offering of telescopes.

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VIDEO: Software Bisque at NEAF 2015

Learn the history of Software Bisque, from its introduction of TheSky planetarium software in the 1980s to its evolution of state-of-the-art robotic telescope mounts.

Henry Throop's

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"Behind the Scenes" with New Horizons

Thanks to NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, we're about to see Pluto up close for the first time. Here are candid snapshots of the scientists and engineers who'll make it possible.

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Tidal Effects: The Planets vs. the Pebbles in Your Yard

So when astrologers talk about tides linking us to the planets, they're babbling pathetic woo.

NGC 4921

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The Herschel Sprint

Experience Herschel’s “Night of Discovery” for yourself! Follow this guide to recreating William Herschel's amazing night covering 73 deep-sky delights.

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Isolated Triplets of Galaxies

S&T contributor Steve Gottlieb has made available data distilled from the Karanchentseva catalogue and his own observations to assist you in your observations of isolated triplets of galaxies.

Kelly Beatty aboard SOFIA

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My Night in the Stratosphere

What's it like to fly on SOFIA — a repurposed Boeing 747 with a huge rectangular hole in its side and a state-of-the-art telescope peering out through it?

Dennis di Cicco with Paracorr telescope

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Tele Vue’s 3-Inch Paracorr

Learn how Dennis di Cicco modified a LightBridge Dobsonian reflector to use Tele Vue's new Paracorr coma corrector - and take some spellbinding images!

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How to Use the WorldWide Telescope

The WorldWide Telescope (WWT), featured in the April 2015 issue of Sky & Telescope, isn't just another piece of planetarium software. Its incredible breadth and depth of data allow users to explore the universe in an interactive way. Coauthors Curtis Wong (Microsoft Research) and Alyssa Goodman (Harvard University and Harvard-Smithsonian…

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Sky & Telescope Errata: 2015

Spotted a goof in the magazine? Check here for a list of known errata in 2015 issues of Sky & Telescope. If you don't see the error you found, send us an e-mail and alert us.

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App-Powered Astronomy

In our March 2015 issue, we ask noted amateur and professional astronomers to highlight the astronomy apps they use most. These are apps that every astronomer should have in their back pocket, ranging from practical planetarium and weather apps, such as Scope Nights and Sky Safari 4, to science guides,…

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Flying Through Cosmic Voids

In the February 2015 issue of Sky & Telescope, author Marcus Woo walks readers through the science of cosmic voids. Here, videos demonstrate a sense of cosmic perspective, taking the reader on flights through the universe both theoretical and observed.

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Generating an Ephemeris

Terry N. Trees show us how to create an ephemeris, a table showing a celestial object's calculated positions for a given time period, using JPL HORIZONS data.

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Mutual Events of Jupiter's Satellites in 2014–15

A full season of mutual events for Jupiter's four largest satellites As Jupiter shines brightly down from the sky during its 2014–2015 apparition, quite often Jupiter's four big Galilean moons will occult and cast their shadows on each other. A "mutual events season" like this happens about every 6 years,…

Planck temperature map of universe

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What’s Next for Inflation Cosmology – New Updates

Our July 2014 cover story was the apparent discovery of gravitational waves from the instant of inflation when the Big Bang took shape. Just as the article was printed, a serious challenge to the discovery appeared: the researchers had underestimated the amount of interstellar dust that could be contaminating their…