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Professional Telescopes

A Galaxy with the Wrong Shape

A newly discovered dwarf galaxy in Hercules isn't like the millions of other "dwarf spheroidals" known in the universe. It's cigar shaped.

Dwarf galaxy Leo II


Finding the Missing Dwarf Galaxies

Minigalaxies of dark matter ought to be everywhere, says the best theory of how the universe came to be. Now they're finally being found.

Astronomy and Society

A Starry Chemical Imbalance

New high-resolution images of dwarf galaxy IC 10 in Cassiopeia may help resolve an enduring mystery about this star-forming powerhouse.


Bright Galaxies You Can't See

Astronomers have found massive, luminous infrared galaxies 12 billion light-years away. It's not at all clear how they got there.

Spacecraft and Space Missions

Galaxy Monster Mash

Astronomers using a battery of ground- and space-based telescopes have stumbled upon the most massive galaxy smashup ever seen.


Morphology @ Home

Thousands of people have signed up to study galaxies.

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