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The Case of the Stolen Sundial

During his time at Caltech in the 1930s, Russell Porter cast this beautiful sundial to adorn the campus. But it was stolen sometime during the 1970s — do you know where it is?

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln

On February 12th, the United States celebrates the 200th birthday of the country's 16th president. Discover how celestial events highlighted his life.

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Astronomy and Society

NASA Turns 50: Take a Photo!

The U.S. space agency was founded 50 years ago today. You can celebrate by finding your favorite NASA photograph.

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New Date for Caesar's British Invasion

In 55 BC, when Julius Caesar and his fleet approached the white cliffs of Dover on the British coast, he faced unexpectedly strong tides. Researchers from Texas State University have used tidal measurements and other astronomical clues to revise the exact date of the historic landing.

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More Google Sky Goodness

Google's interactive star map has a bunch of new features.

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Martian Crater Named for “Chick” Capen

A crater on Mars has been officially named for the American scientist Charles F. Capen.

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Watch Winter Arrive

Finally, a live webcast of the solstice sunrise.

Astronomy and Society

The Red Planet We Never Knew

A new DVD entertains with a 50-year-old look at Mars.

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The Transit of Venus: Tales from the 18th and 19th Centuries

Observers and administrators gather at the US Naval Observatory in Washington, DC, in preparation for the American expeditions to the 1874 transit of Venus.Courtesy US Naval Observatory Library. A magnificent rendezvous between the planet of love and the bright orb of the Sun. One of the most celebrated phenomena in…