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Milky Way

Eta Carinae Prepares for X-ray Crash

Known for its mysteriousness, one of the galaxy's most massive stars gears up for its periodic pundit-perplexing event. Will Eta Carinae finally reveal its secrets?

Stellar Science

The Most Massive Star Yet?

Searching the core of one of the densest young star clusters in the Milky Way, scientists may have beat out primetime TV in the search for the newest big star.

Milky Way

The Milky Way Remapped

Two new sky surveys shed light on the structure of our home galaxy.

Milky Way

Predicting a Stellar Catastrophe

Observations made by professional and amateur astronomers during the upcoming, once-in-a-generation eclipse of Epsilon Aurigae may reveal whether or not the star is heading for extinction.

Milky Way

The Milky Way's Most Recent Supernova

Hidden behind interstellar clouds is a blast wave from a star that blew up as recently as 1850.

RS Puppis and surrounding nebula

Milky Way

An Ingenious, Super-Good Cepheid Distance

Using a star's pulsations, their reflections, and some simple geometry, European astronomers have set a new record for the best-known distance to a crucial kind of star.

Dust lanes in Rosette Nebula

Milky Way

200 Million Objects Shining in Hydrogen

A new sky survey is seeing the universe in a new way.

Milky Way

There Might Be Supergiants

A new view from the Hubble Space Telescope reveals the goings on in a cluster full of massive stars.

Milky Way

Measuring Neutron Stars Exactly

Astronomers can measure a neutron star's diameter by effects of gas skimming around its surface at 40% of light speed.

Space Missions

"Magnificent" Neutron Star Found

Sizzling with X-rays but mum at radio frequencies, a nearby, on-its-own neutron star is causing astronomers to scratch their heads.

Milky Way

Mira's Marvelous Tail

Mira, the closest and brightest of the red long-period variable stars, has thrown off a gassy hood and a comet-like tail so big that if you could see them, they would overflow your telescope's field of view.

Milky Way

Stars that Smoke

Astronomers have resolved carbon soot clouds around one of the sky's best-known R Coronae Borealis–type variable stars.

Milky Way

Hubble Lifts the Veil

New images from the Hubble Space Telescope show parts of the Veil Nebula in Cygnus in unprecedented detail.

Milky Way

Thanks to Akari, I'm Seeing (Infra)Red

Japanese and European astronomers have proudly unveiled the first all-sky map of the deep infrared sky in more than 20 years.

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