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Galaxy cluster


Webb, Hubble Telescopes Team Up to Create "Most Colorful View of the Universe"

The Hubble and Webb Space Telescopes have revealed a bounty of galaxies in a pair of colliding clusters, capturing twinkling lights within.


Night Sky Sights

Meet Enif, the Nose of Pegasus

Enif, the nose of Pegasus, is a supergiant star and the brightest member of the constellation. Find out more about this star and its place in our skies.

Dinkinesh and its contact-binary moon

Space Missions

Lucy Mission Flies By Asteroid Dinkinesh, Finds Binary Moon (Updated)

The Lucy mission's flyby of the main-belt asteroid Dinkinesh resulted in a surprise — yet another asteroid moon!

Horsehead Nebula


New Cosmology Probe Presents First, Stunning Images

The Horsehead Nebula and other stunning scenes highlight the talents of the just-launched Euclid mission. The telescope will reach into the depths of the cosmos to understand dark matter and dark energy.

Catch the Moon-Venus pairing at dawn Nov 9, 2023

This Week's Sky At a Glance

This Week's Sky at a Glance, November 3 – 12

The Great Square, now upright, guides your way down to Fomalhaut and Diphda and, farther down, Alpha Phoenicis – a chance to add a new constellation to your life list. And plan to catch the Moon-Venus pairing in early dawn on the 9th.

Theia Impact

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Bits of Theia Might Be in Earth's Mantle

A "smoking gun" for the ancient calamity that formed Earth’s large Moon may still exist deep in the mantle of our planet.

Solar System

New Forecast Resets Solar Cycle Expectations

A new forecast suggests that sunspot numbers, aurorae, and other solar activity will peak sooner and at a higher level than expected.

Starlink flares

Explore the Night with Bob King

How to See Freaky Starlink "Cluster Flares", Plus the Latest on Comet Lemmon

Alien invasion or flares from satellites in multiple orbits? It depends on your point of view. We also check in on Comet Lemmon, poised to possibly reach binocular-visibility.

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

November Podcast: Horse, Dolphin, Arrow, and Fish

With Jupiter and Saturn leading the way each evening, you can use this month’s Sky Tour podcast to track down some lesser-known constellations — and the most distant celestial object that you can see with just your eyes!

A purple skeletal hand reaches for an oval of pumpkin-colored blobs

Stellar Science

Dead Stars Come to Life This Halloween

The ghostly lights from two dead stars have stories to tell.

An artist’s impression of the collision of two black holes

Black Holes

Black Hole Rain

The planned LISA gravitational-wave detector might discover a shower of hundreds of small black holes falling in galactic centers.

People, Places, and Events

AAS Quasquicentennial: Celebrating 125 Years in 2024

The American Astronomical Society is celebrating its 125th anniversary. Visit the AAS site to learn more about this exciting milestone.

composite showing an ultra-diffuse galaxy in color surrounded by background shown in black and white


Ghost-like Galaxy Defies Dark Matter Model

Astronomers have discovered a large but very dim ghost-like galaxy. Its existence challenges our notions of dark matter.

Full Moon and Jupiter rising in twilight, October 28 and 29, 2023

Celestial News & Events

This Week's Sky at a Glance, October 27 – November 5

The full Moon on October 28th shines near full Jupiter at opposition this week. Telescopically, Jupiter this week is as big as you'll ever see it,

Solar System

Marsquake Reveals Molten Layer Above Martian Core

An impact far from NASA's Insight lander on Mars set off seismic waves that revealed new details about the Martian interior.

a strip of bright green light becoming red as it approaches a dark treeline against a dark blue background

People, Places, and Events

A Windy and Wonderful Icelandic Aurora Adventure

Sky & Telescope’s recent tour to Iceland explored all the island’s sights — and kept S&T’s record at a solid nine for nine for seeing auroras!

The cosmic web of dark matter particles is sharp


Largest-ever Computer Simulation of the Universe

The Flamingo simulations are not only the largest but also the most all-encompassing simulations of the universe, from 13.75 billion years ago to today.

Io, as imaged by Juno

Solar System

Striking New Views of Jupiter and Its Moon Io

The James Webb Space Telescope and Juno mission turned their eyes to Jupiter and its volcanic moon Io, revealing fine details.

Moon and Saturn at dusk, Oct 23-24, 2023

This Week's Sky At a Glance

This Week's Sky at a Glance, October 20 – 29

The waxing Moon in the evening sky visits Saturn, then Jupiter. And as Halloween approaches, Arcturus becomes the Ghost of Summer Suns.

Fast radio burst illustration

Stellar Science

Radio Burst Breaks Distance Record, Challenges Theories

A highly energetic fast radio burst, which broke the distance record, provides a crucial test for theories of these events' origins.