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Two kinds of vision receptors line the retina

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Improve Your Night Vision: Spectacles for Spectacular Skies

Have you ever felt that you ought to be able to see more in the night sky using just your unaided eyes? You may need nothing more than a new pair of eyeglasses.

sunlight twice reflected

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How to Catch an Iridium Flare

These communications satellites can briefly outshine Venus as they spray the ground with reflected sunlight.

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Astro Image in the News: Spitzer Spies Monoceros Nebulosities

The Spitzer Space Telescope has produced a magnificent mosaic of the Christmas Tree Cluster.

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A Short-Lived Spiral?

Will M77's pinwheel pattern soon wind its way out of existence?

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Astro Image in the News:
Hubble Dissects the Crab

Astronomers have unveiled a super-sharp mosaic of this singular stellar corpse.

needle in a haystack?

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The Universe's First Starlight?

Light from the first stars may lurk within a 10-hour Spitzer Space Telescope image of the constellation Draco.

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A Galaxy-Free Galaxy Nucleus?

The Hubble Space Telescope has uncovered an apparently naked quasar.

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Massive Star in the Making

A recently completed radio-telescope array has found tantalizing evidence that nature makes big stars and little ones the same way.

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Dark Days for Dark Energy?

Some say no new mystery force is needed to explain why the universe's expansion is speeding up.

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Newfound Star Sparks Brown-Dwarf Debate

Can one binary star cast doubt on myriad brown dwarfs?

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Astro Image in the News:
Hubble Spies Twisted Spiral

unveiled this stunning image of NGC 1300, the 10th-magnitude barred spiral some 69 million light-years distant in the constellation Eridanus.

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Yerkes On the Block

The University of Chicago soon may sell Yerkes Observatory and its surrounding acreage.

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A New Chapter in the Life Story of Planets?

Scientists using the Spitzer Space Telescope may have found a missing link in the life story of solar systems like our own.

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A Newfound Globular Cluster

The Spitzer Space Telescope has revealed one of the closest globulars known.

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Gamma-Ray Bursts Next Door?

Astronomers have found Gamma-Ray bursts coming from closer places than ever before seen.

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Chandra Snaps Superbubbles in Galaxy Cluster

This false-color image from the Chandra observatory depicts X-rays emanating from multimillion-degree gas within Abell 2597. The central hot spot marks the heart of the cluster's dominant galaxy, which contains a supermassive black hole. New research suggests that the dark void near the cluster's edge is a long-lived bubble that…

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Novel Telescope Array Achieves Milestone

Historic Mt. Wilson is once again at the forefront of astronomical research.

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Astronomers, Journalists Glimpse Universe's Past, Hubble's Future

Hubble's deepest-yet image comes amid uncertainty about the space telescope's future.

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Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy Spans the Sky

It seems that the shredded remains of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy encircle the Milky Way.

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X-Ray Flashes Find a Home

Are brief flashes of X-rays from random points in the sky related to gamma-ray bursts and exploding stars?