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Explore the Night with Bob King

Rosetta's Comet Campaign Wants YOU!

Participate in a world-wide campaign to observe and photograph Comet 67P/C-G as it approaches and recedes from the Sun with Rosetta in tow. Your observations matter.


Citizen Science: Projects & Collaboration

Yellowballs: A New View of Star Formation

Thanks to the help of the general public, astronomers have discovered a new signature marking a hidden phase of star formation.

Citizen Science: Projects & Collaboration

Exploring Exoplanet Origin Stories

Citizen scientists are exploring exoplanets’ birthplaces, classifying more than 1 million infrared sources and finding 37 disk candidates (so far) for follow-up study.

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Celestial News & Events

A Worldwide Night of Moonwatching

International Observe the Moon Night is an event that encourages people to "look up" and enjoy our nearest neighbor. This year's InOMN is Saturday, September 6th. Here's a quiz: What astronomical object looks amazing no matter what the magnification, never looks exactly the same no matter how often you view…

Pro-Am Collaboration

Pro-Am Collaboration Yields Stunning Images

Amateur astronomers have teamed up with the pros to produce four stunning multiwavelength images of galaxies M101, M81, M51, and Centaurus A.

Citizen Science: Projects & Collaboration

Become a Citizen Scientist

Join astronomers in two new citizen science projects, Space Warps and Planet Four, that will have you investigating the warped light from faraway galaxies and the ever-changing Martian landscape.

People, Places, and Events

Take a Stand Against Light Pollution!

"Globe at Night" is a fun, easy, and worthwhile activity for you and your family. Please join this worldwide campaign to measure the darkness of night skies everywhere from April 29th to May 8th.


Amateurs Help Find Multi-Planet System

Amateur astronomers perform a crucial role in detecting exoplanets by a technique called microlensing, including the most recent discovery of a multiple-planet system.

Pro-Am Collaboration

A Star Count for Everyone

Take part in this year's Great World Wide Star Count, and you'll be joining thousands of other "citizen scientists" in raising dark-sky awareness around the globe.

Citizen Science: Projects & Collaboration

List of Citizen-Science Projects

dr.puya / S&T Online Photo Gallery The internet has become a priceless tool for the citizen-science movement, in which private citizens all over the world can make meaningful contributions to science. With as little as a computer and some curiosity, you can help scientists determine targets for space telescopes, or…

Pro-Am Collaboration

List of Amateur Research Organizations

Modern technology allows amateurs around the globe to collaborate in ways never before possible. The following is a collection of some of the research projects we find most interesting, many of which involve collaboration with professional astronomers at universities and other research organizations. These projects generally require more sophisticated equipment…

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Save Dark Skies

AMA Addresses Light Pollution

The American Medical Association has released a report detailing several possible health concerns related to nighttime light exposure. But some lighting researchers worry the conclusions are more alarmist than is warranted.

Dome at Lowell Observatory

Pro-Am Collaboration

Lowell Observatory's Pro-Am Initiative

If you're a serious stargazer with good gear, a passion for observing, and some free time, a team of astronomers at Lowell Observatory hope to hear from you.

New nova in Sagittarius

Pro-Am Collaboration

Nova in Sagittarius: Nova Sagittarii 2012 No. 4

A nova visible in good binoculars was spotted July 7, 2012, by observers in Japan.

Pro-Am Collaboration

Possible Occultation by Pluto Tonight (June 13-14)

Both Pluto and the star are 14th magnitude, but observers with big telescopes and sufficient video capability should try to record this important event.

Celestial News & Events

Join the "Target Asteroids!" Project

If you're an amateur observer with decent equipment and an itch to do some serious observing, a team from the OSIRIS-REx mission wants to hear from you!

Great World Wide Star Count

Celestial News & Events

The Great World Wide Star Count

Join thousands of other "citizen scientists" in raising dark-sky awareness around the globe.

Celestial News & Events

Antiope Occultation Yields Double Bonanza

When observers fanned out last July 19th to record a binary asteroid's passage across a distant star, they hoped to gain scientifically important new findings. The results are in, and they've scored big-time!

Pro-Am Collaboration

Amateur Search for White-Dwarf Planets

Arizona amateur Bruce Gary is assembling a pro-am team to look for planets orbiting dead stars.

Comet Ikeya-Murakami

Pro-Am Collaboration

New Binocular Comet in the Morning Sky

On November 3, 2010, two amateurs in Japan discovered an 8th-magnitude comet visually. It's visible in binoculars.