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Save Dark Skies

Rate Your Skyglow

Light pollution is most amateur astronomers' worst enemy. Learn here how to measure and describe how brightly your sky glows.


Astronomy and Stargazing Projects

111 Deep Sky Wonders for Light-Polluted Skies

Bright skies aren't empty skies. See for yourself how many treasures lie hidden in the glow of a city sky.

Save Dark Skies

Good-Neighbor Outdoor Lighting (Flyer)

This flyer (which can also be printed as a PDF) tells you everything you and your neighbors need to know about how to address light pollution in your neighborhood.

Two types of antique street light fixtures

Save Dark Skies

Lighting 101

A primer on light-pollution jargon

Harsh lights in residential neighborhood

Save Dark Skies

Your Home Lighting Guide

How to light your home safely, save energy, and decrease light polluion at the same time.

Bright street light at night in winter

Save Dark Skies

Bright Lights, Big Problems

In the war against light pollution astronomers have gained important new allies -- and new insights into how we see at night.

Save Dark Skies

How I Beat Light Pollution in My Hometown

You don't have to fight city hall. To ban bad lights, make city hall your friend.

Save Dark Skies

Jennifer Barlow: Dark-sky Devotee

One person can make a difference, as demonstrated by a high-school student's single-handed effort to help us all appreciate the night sky.

Two light shields

Save Dark Skies

Home Lighting Guide

Here's how to find exterior residential lighting that's dark-sky friendly.

Save Dark Skies

Good Lighting Fixtures: Where to Get Them

Here's a selection of manufacturers and suppliers of good lighting equipment.

Winter constellations seen in a class 4 or 5 sky

Save Dark Skies

Gauging Light Pollution: The Bortle Dark-Sky Scale

Excellent? Typical? Urban? Use this nine-step scale to rate the sky conditions at any observing site.

Save Dark Skies

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Light Pollution

Knowledge is power: here are the facts you need to help you combat light pollution in your neighborhood.

Save Dark Skies

Join the Fight Against Light Pollution

Only a tiny fraction of amateur astronomers do anything to help reduce bad outdoor lighting. We need to change that.

Light pollution illustration.

Save Dark Skies

Light Pollution In The Night Sky

Light pollution has become so pervasive that it compromises the view of the universe for an estimated 90 percent of Americans.