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Astro Leagues's 2016 NYAA winners

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Meet Some Amazing Young Astronomers

This year's awards from the Astronomical League showcase some talented high-school students and astronomy clubs throw great star parties.

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Antonín Rükl, 1932–2016

A world-renowned lunar cartographer, whose beautiful atlases have become prized possessions, has died at age 83.

Viking 1 Lander's first image

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40th Anniversary of Viking's Red Planet Rendezvous

Some 200 of the mission’s surviving scientists and engineers and their families, along with many younger space explorers inspired by the Vikings, gathered to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Viking 1 landing.

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Old Radio Telescope Restored for New Uses

Abandoned for 25 years, a 12-meter antenna once used during the Cold War is now introducing astronomy students to the radio universe.

Canadian comet discoverer Rolf Meier

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Rolf G. Meier (1953–2016)

Amateur astronomy has lost a dedicated observer and successful visual comet hunter.

Northern Lights Above Lofoten

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The World at Night's Earth & Sky Photo Contest: The Winners

The winners of the 7th annual Earth & Sky Photo Contest highlight the fragile beauty of our heavens.

Jupiter's appearance in February 2014

Pro-Am Collaboration

Amateur Astro-imagers Get Ready for Juno

Planetary scientists are counting on amateur observations to enhance the results from NASA's forthcoming Juno mission.

2013 Astronomy Day celebration in Boston

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Spring Astronomy Day 2016

Join your local amateur astronomy community in celebrating Spring Astronomy Day on May 14, 2016.

Alan Stern at NEAF 2016

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At the 25th Northeast Astronomy Forum

The editors of Sky & Telescope made our annual pilgrimage to last weekend’s Northeast Astronomy Forum. Here are our tales of the voyage to Pluto, the newest gadgets, and encouraging encounters with readers.

Global Astronomy Month logo

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Celebrate Global Astronomy Month

Join the world’s largest celebration of astronomy — in person or via online webcasts of events — throughout April.

Milky Way from Arches National Park

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It's International Dark-Sky Week!

What began as a student's simple idea a decade ago has grown into a worldwide celebration of the night sky and easy ways to reduce light pollution.

Indonesia Solar Eclipse Tour Group

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A Spectacular View of the Total Solar Eclipse

On the morning of Wednesday, March 9th, 240 members of a Sky & Telescope cruise were treated to a spectacular total solar eclipse.

Harvard College Observatory

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Flood Threatens Photographic Plates

A burst pipe flooded Harvard College’s Observatory Hill, submerging thousands of historic photographic plates underwater. Recovery is now under way.

Daryll LaCourse, Kepler data miner.

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Planet Hunter Wins Amateur Research Award

The Chambliss Amateur Achievement Award, issued annually by the American Astronomical Society (AAS) "for exemplary research by an amateur astronomer" if there is a suitable candidate, goes to Darryll LaCourse of Marysville, Washington.

WorldWide Telescope

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AAS Adopts Worldwide Telescope

The largest national association of astronomers is now the new home of a virtual observatory known as the WorldWide Telescope.

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The Night of the Blazing Aurora

A group of about 40 intrepid souls from the U.S. and Australia hits pay dirt on a tour of Iceland


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Explore Mars in Fiction and Reality

The incredibly popular novel, and now movie, The Martian draws people to the Red Planet with realistic detail. Explore the Red Planet not just in fiction but in reality with our Mars globe and map.

IAU Closing

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At the IAU: New Dwarf Galaxy Neighbors & Dark-Sky Sanctuaries

As the IAU General Assembly in Hawaii'i draws to a close, the results were still coming in: a new bevy of dwarf galaxies discovered around the Milky Way, the celebration of the first Dark-Sky Sanctuary, and a new directly imaged exoplanet to boot.

Dennis di Cicco at the scope

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Former S&T Editor Wins Award

The North East Region of the Astronomical League (NERAL) announces the presentation of the prestigious 2015 NERAL Walter Scott Houston award to former Sky & Telescope editor Dennis di Cicco.

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Sunspots and Climate Change, Naming Exoplanets, and More from the IAU

Do sunspots affect climate change? How can you name an exoplanet? Here are the latest results from the world's largest astronomy conference.