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Oregon Star Party

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Star Party Season Has Begun!

It’s time to get away from all those city lights and gather together to share in the secrets of the universe.

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News and Views from NEAF

The Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF) is the world's largest astronomy trade show. As always, Sky & Telescope was there!

David Dunlap Observatory

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Amateurs Given David Dunlap Observatory

After serving as caretakers of Canada's largest telescope for years, volunteers from the RASC's Toronto club have been given the historic facility outright.

Northeast Astronomy Forum

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Come to NEAF This Weekend!

This weekend features the world's largest astronomy expo, the Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF), in Suffern, New York.

April is Global Astronomy Month

Celestial News & Events

Celebrate the Night Sky During April

Amateur skygazers can satisfy their celestial cravings with Globe at Night, International Dark-Sky Week, Astronomy Day, and Global Astronomy Month.

Walter Haas in 2000

Solar System

Walter H. Haas (1917–2015)

Amateur astronomy has lost a true pioneer, a keen observer who founded the worldwide Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers.

Aurora borealis over Iceland

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Witness the Northern Lights with S&T

Sky & Telescope is leading its third annual trip to Iceland this fall to explore a unique culture and witness the northern lights. Come join us!

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Donald C. Parker, 1939-2015

Donald C. Parker, a planetary imaging pioneer, passed away in Miami, Florida on February 22, 2015.

Sky & Telescope's Earth Globe

Astronomy Products

Introducing Sky & Telescope's Earth Globe

Satellite imagery and other datasets come together to show our home planet from mountaintop to ocean bottom.

Messenger's Mercury

Solar System

Help Name Mercury's Craters

The International Astronomical Union is hosting a public contest to name five of Mercury's craters, with a deadline of January 15.

Panorama of 2014 ASAE

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Dazzling New Products at the ASAE Expo

See the selection of new telescopes and astronomy products unveiled at the 2014 Arizona Science & Astronomy Expo.

Interstellar movie

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Interstellar: Science Fiction or Science Fantasy?

On the much anticipated opening weekend of Interstellar, senior contributing editor Bob Naeye reviews the movie's facts and foibles.

Stella Kafka

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Stellar New Director for AAVSO

The appropriately named Stella Kafka has been named the newest in a series of esteemed directors of the American Association of Variable Star Observers.

Aurora in Iceland

People, Places, and Events S&T's Iceland Tour"}'>

Auroras Aplenty on S&T's Iceland Tour

Senior contributing editor Bob Naeye recently led a Sky & Telescope tour of Iceland, where 50 astrotourists were treated to spectacular views of the Northern Lights.

Peter Tyson, Sky & Telescope Editor in Chief since October 2014

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Peter Tyson Joins F+W’s Sky & Telescope as Editor in Chief

Peter Tyson, formerly Editor in Chief of NOVA Online, has been appointed Editor in Chief of Sky & Telescope, with responsibility for the brand’s print, digital, and video products.

NGC 6543

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The First Planetary Nebula Spectrum

Celebrate the anniversary of a revolutionary discovery by gathering with other astronomers to observe planetary nebulae in August's evening sky.

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Memories of Jupiter's Bird Strike

Shoemaker-Levy 9's headline-making Jupiter impact in 1994 wasn't the only one of its kind - observations 15 years later showed such impacts might even be common.

Comet S-L 9's impact with Jupiter

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Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9: 20 years later

David Levy shares his recollections of that amazing day — July 16, 1994 — when the first fragment of a comet he helped discover slammed into Jupiter.

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It's Star Party Season!

Whether you're a seasoned observer or a novice, star parties provide the perfect opportunity to kick back and enjoy the night sky with some fellow astronomy enthusiasts.

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Govert Schilling Wins AAS's Schramm Award

Sky & Telescope contributing editor Govert Schilling has been selected as the winner of the 2014 David N. Schramm Award.