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10 U.S. Dark-Sky Parks You Need To Visit

There’s a simple rule for anyone searching for a dark sky; go somewhere others are not. The spread of LED lighting in North America over the past decade or so has worsened light pollution and skyglow in many previously dark locations. However, the vastness of the U.S. means there are…

Full Easter Moon

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Global Astronomy Month Celebrates the Moon

Astronomers Without Borders celebrates the night sky in its annual Global Astronomy Month — a month-long collection of online events and in-person gatherings. This year's theme: the Moon.

Yerkes Observatory

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The Not-Quite Closing of Yerkes Observatory

The University of Chicago is ending its support for Yerkes Observatory, a historic, castle-like building built to house a gigantic telescope, on October 1st. Its future remains unclear.

Astronomers Worth Noting

Stephen Hawking, 1942–2018

Stephen Hawking, renowned physicist, famed science communicator, and all-around inspiration, has passed away at the age of 76.

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Live Webinar: How to Chase and Photograph Auroras

Want to learn how to take stunning photos of dazzling Aurora? Join Sky & Telescope's live webinar on Monday, March 5th, with National Geographic photographer and founder of The World at Night (TWAN) program Babak Tafreshi  as he reveals his techniques for capturing stunning images and time-lapse videos of both…

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A Picture-Perfect Solar Eclipse Experiment

AAS Chambliss Award winner Donald Bruns explains how he confirmed Einstein's predictions during the 2017 total solar eclipse.


Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Explorer 1: NASA Marks 60 Years in Space

60 year ago today, a small satellite ushered in the U.S. space program in a big way.

1919 Solar Eclipse

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Amateur Astronomer Donald Bruns Receives Chambliss Award

Amateur astronomer Donald Bruns has received the Chambliss Amateur Achievement Award from the American Astronomical Society for his work in repeating and improving upon an iconic experiment during the August 2017 total solar eclipse.

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Online Webinar: 2018 Nightscape Photography Guide

Join Sky & Telescope's live webinar on Monday, January 29th, to find out which 2018 events present the best nightscape opportunities with world-renowned photographer Babak Tafreshi.

Thomas Bopp

Solar System

Comet Discoverer Thomas Bopp (1949–2018)

An unassuming amateur astronomer forever linked to one of the greatest comets in modern history has passed away.

Solar Eclipse 2017

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Eye Damage Reported from August's Eclipse

For a young woman who stared too long on August 21st, the partially eclipsed Sun left a lasting impression — on her retinas.

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2017 Nobel Goes to Gravitational Waves

Three American physicists have received the Nobel Prize in physics for their contributions to the discovery of gravitational waves.

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Astrophotographer of the Year Awards

The Royal Observatory Greenwich has announced the winners of the 9th annual Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest.

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Best 2017 Eclipse Pictures from Our Readers

We've curated a selection of some of the best pictures our readers submitted to our online gallery of the August 21 solar eclipse.

Totality on August 21, 2017

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After Totality: Eclipse Reactions Video

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse cast its shadow across the US. Sky & Telescope was there, and we captured some of your eclipse reactions.

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Star Party Season

Summer means star parties, and star parties mean fun. Read about my adventures at the annual Cherry Springs and Table Mountain gatherings.

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Stellafane: A Weekend on Breezy Hill

Several hundred amateurs gathering on Breezy Hill in Springfield, Vermont for the 82nd annual Stellafane convention.

Diamond Ring

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Top 10 Places to View the Total Solar Eclipse

The celestial event of this young century — the great American total solar eclipse of 2017 — is now just weeks away. The biggest remaining question is, where will you be when the Moon’s shadow arrives?

Chambliss Amateur Achievement Award

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Call for Nominations: Chambliss Amateur Achievement Award

The Chambliss Amateur Achievement Award recognizes excellence in astronomical research by American amateur astronomers. Nominations are now open!

2013 Astronomy Day celebration in Boston

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Spring Astronomy Day 2017!

Amateur astronomy clubs, planetariums, science museums, and parks celebrate Astronomy Day twice a year, when the public is invited to come learn about the sky and view through telescopes.