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Martian Crater Named for “Chick” Capen

A crater on Mars has been officially named for the American scientist Charles F. Capen.

Astronomy and Society

It's Official: 2009 Is the Year of Astronomy

The United Nations' General Assembly has formally proclaimed 2009 the International Year of Astronomy.

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Watch Winter Arrive

Finally, a live webcast of the solstice sunrise.

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David Levy's Binary Asteroid

An otherwise run-of-the-mill, main-belt asteroid named 3673 Levy just got a lot more interesting: It has a tiny moon!

Solar System

Tunguska's Blast: Less is More

Aided by high-def supercomputer simulations, two researchers now argue that small asteroids striking Earth — like what happened over Siberia in 1908 — may pose greater danger than previously believed.

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New Astro Radio and Podcasts

Improve your mind with some science-related audio.

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You Can't Go Home (or Work) Again

Visiting where I worked 20 years ago reveals a changed place.

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Like Chocolate in Your Peanut Butter

When two great things come together. . .


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Undiscovered Country

A detailed overview of Antarctica was released yesterday.

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For the Garden

Careful attention goes into bringing back a classic telescope. Watch how it's done.

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In the Fires' Wake

The wildfires that ravaged Southern California in late October threatened — but did not damage — some important astronomical facilities.

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Meade Looks to a Brighter Future

The world's largest telescope manufacturer is making some changes in a bid to turn around the company's disappointing financial performance.

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Just Don't Call It West Coast NEAF

Here's some great news for those of you on the West Coast. The Riverside Telescope Makers Conference, Inc. — the same folks who bring us the world-famous RTMC Astronomy Expo every Memorial Day weekend in Big Bear, California — has announced a new astronomical event.

Professional Telescopes

Students To Go Pulsar Hunting

High-school students in West Virginia will sift through data from one of the world's largest radio telescopes to look for pulsars. Astronomers expect that they will find dozens.

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Thomas M. Back (1957–2007)

The astronomical community was saddened to learn of the recent death of Thomas M. Back, whose name is associated with some of today's finest telescopes and eyepieces.

Pro-Am Collaboration

Nominations Sought for Amateur Award

The American Astronomical Society (AAS) is now accepting nominations for the Chambliss Amateur Achievement Award.

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A Root of Amateur Astronomy Unearthed

Russell W. Porter, the founder of amateur telescope making in America, was still virtually unknown when he built a 16-inch reflector for his home on the Maine coast.

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Amateur Astronomy on TV

Don't miss Timothy Ferris's ode to amateur astronomy, which airs on PBS stations throughout the US on Wednesday night.

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High (School) Honors

The Astronomical League has presented its National Young Astronomer and Jack Horkheimer awards for 2007.

Solar System

Risky Business

Two American collectors manage — barely — to get in and out of Colombia with fragments from a fresh meteorite fall.