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Celestial News & Events

Jupiter's Circulating Current

Amateurs capture Jupiter's spots in the act of jumping belts.


Dust Continues to Blanket Mars

Dust storms have curtailed all rover activity for nearly a month.

dust storm

Dust Storm Erupts on Mars

Earlier this week amateur astronomers watching Mars spotted a large — and growing — dust cloud over the planet's southern hemisphere.


Venus Plays Hide and Seek

Planetary occultation events are a rare and wonderful treat.

Cameras: Guides & Recommendations

Capture the Sun with Your PST

High-quality hydrogen-alpha photography of the Sun can be done on a modest budget.

Astronomy & Observing News

First look: Backyard Observatories, FAR Laboratories, and more at NEAF

More gadgets you might have missed at the Northeast Astronomy Forum.

New Product Showcase

First Look: Meade's MySky, 20-inch RCX

At the Northeast Astronomy Forum, Meade unveiled a working prototype of their portable planetarium, mySKY. Read our first look now.

New Product Showcase

First Look: Tele Vue Ethos and New Astro-Physics Refractors

During the next week, we'll be highlighting some interesting telescopes, gadgets, and useful accessories that caught our eye at the Northeast Astronomy Forum & Telescope Show. Check back often for more updates.

Astronomy & Observing News

See You at the Telescope Show

The East Coast's biggest astronomy trade show is April 28–29. The 16th annual event includes a full schedule of speakers and workshops, as well as an exhibit hall full of celestial-equipment vendors.

Family Observing

Family Fun with Sky Watching

Stargazing, Family Style

Exploring the night sky is a fun activity for kids of all ages — and it doesn’t require a lot of planning or equipment.

Astronomy & Observing News

Jupiter's Tumultuous Changes

Cloud patterns on Jupiter are undergoing a major upheaval. Have a look with your telescope before dawn.

Pro-Am Collaboration

New Disturbance in Jupiter's North Temperate Belt

On March 29, 2007, two new white spots appeared on Jupiter. Keep watch as they develop over the coming weeks.

Astronomy & Observing News

Jupiter's Changing Face

The King of the Solar System is undergoing an atmospheric face-lift

Astronomy & Observing News

New Horizons to Encounter Jupiter

The speedy Pluto-bound probe prepares for its close encounter with Jupiter on February 28th. As it cruises past, the mission team will use the flyby as a test run, studying Jupiter, its moons, and the young storm Red Spot Jr., using the spacecraft's seven science instruments.


Modest Leonids

Although there wasn't a storm, the Leonid meteor shower of 2006 did produce a worthwhile display for some.

New Product Showcase

RegiStax 4 Released

One of the most popular software tools for planetary astrophotographers was just given a major upgrade.

Astronomy & Observing News

Shadow Transit on Uranus

For the first time in recorded history astronomers witnessed the shadow of one of Uranus's tiny moons travel across the distant planet's cloud tops.

ECCAI attendees

Astronomy & Observing News

East Coast Imaging Conference

Astrophotographers converged in Philadelphia, PA. to trade tips and learn new techniques.

Astronomy & Observing News

Advanced Imaging Conference 2005

Astrophotographers of all experience levels convened in San Jose, California, on November 11th to attend the second-annual Advanced Imaging Conference.

Astronomy & Observing News

Telescope Enthusiasts Converge in California

Clear, dark skies and beautiful spring weather greeted the those who attended the annual Riverside Telescope Making Conference Astronomy Expo.