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Binocular Highlight

NGC 7331: Odd One Out

Can you spot September's Binocular Highlight from Mathew Wedel — spiral galaxy NGC 7331? Grab your binoculars and find a nice dark sky spot.

South America eclipse map

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S&T Webinar: When’s the Next Solar Eclipse?

If you loved seeing August's solar eclipse and are eager to see another one, don't miss this live webinar on upcoming total and annular solar eclipses.

Python Data Science Handbook

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Teach Yourself Machine Learning

Curious about machine learning? Learn about the inner workings of machine-learning algorithms without writing a line of code.

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Inside the November 2017 Issue

The November 2017 issue of Sky & Telescope explores our celestial neighbors both near and far. Learn about upcoming missions to Mars, and more!

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M17: The Nebula With Too Many Names

Messier 17 (M17) has at least five proper names — Omega Nebula, Horseshoe Nebula, Checkmark Nebula, Swan Nebula, and the Lobster Nebula. Why so many?

Sara Seager

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S&T Webinar: Sara Seager on Exoplanets

Join renowned MIT researcher Sara Seager for a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how we're readying the technology to find and study planets like Earth

deep sky wonders

Showpiece Doubles

Point your telescope towards these doubles — true gems of the late-summer sky. You don’t even need dark skies or a big telescope to admire them!


Asteroid 22410 Grinspoon: My Rock of Ages

David Grinspoon shares his thoughts on being immortalized far out in the asteroid belt and his namesake, asteroid 22410 Grinspoon.

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Hickson Compact Groups

Contributing Editor Ted Forte offers a look at Hickson Compact Groups in the November 2017 issue of Sky & Telescope. In 1982, Canadian astronomer Paul Hickson published a list of 100 compact galaxy groups based on his examination of the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey (POSS) red plates. A compact group,…

Abell 194 Galaxy Cluster

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Abell 194

Sky & Telescope Contributing Editor Ken Hewitt gives us a guided tour through Abell 194, a visually rich galaxy cluster in Cetus.

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Inside the October 2017 Issue

We strive to understand the universe as the universe itself ages. What will the solar system look like in 6.5 billion years? Is there a ninth planet? What is going on in the R Aquarii system?

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Diamond of Three Rings

A total solar eclipse offers the most spectacular of jewels, the diamond ring, as the Moon blocks all but a small part of the Sun's brilliance.

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Inside the September 2017 Issue

PURCHASE PRINT ISSUE | PURCHASE DIGITAL ISSUE | PURCHASE BACK ISSUES | SUBSCRIBE Tools of the Trade: Cassini's Saturn, LIGO's Detections, and Keeping Observing Logs Tools both advanced and simple are crucial to astronomy. Cassini spent thirteen years imaging and collecting other data at Saturn — see some of the…

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Improving Your Eclipse Photos

If you want the best results from your eclipse photos, you'll need to do some processing. Equipment Editor Sean Walker walks us through processing photos from the 2010 Easter Island eclipse.

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Rethinking Solar Eclipse Photography

When limited time and a powerful on-shore wind scrapped the author’s plans for photographing the eclipse, he simply propped his telescope on a rock wall and hit the shutter button — with stunning results.

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Observing Notebooks

Sky & Telescope's Observing Editor offers a few suggestions to help you set up your first (for fifth!) observing notebook. Feeling inspired after reading Contributing Editor Bob King’s article on observing notebooks in the September 2017 issue of Sky & Telescope but need help starting a notebook? Here are a…

Messier 17 Sketch Howard Banich

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Beyond the Printed Page: Messier 17

No matter what you call it, Messier 17 is one deep-sky object to which you'll find yourself returning throughout your observing life. In our September 2017 issue, Contributing Editor Howard Banich examined the science and history of Messier 17, an H II region in Sagittarius also known as the Swan…

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Inside the August 2017 Issue

Explore the many "dark" phenomena in the world of astronomy in August's issue of Sky & Telescope: Learn how to photograph an eclipse, read the story of the "mother of dark matter", and find the doubles in Draco!

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Asterisms: Doodles in the Sky

Learn about some of the asterisms in our night sky. From sharks to dogs, hats to rings, these night-sky patterns will have you seeking more.

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Peaks of "Eternal" Light

If we ever try to live on the Moon, the best locations will be polar mountains bathed in nearly continuous sunlight.