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Really Remote Observing

Chances are you've never heard of Dome A. It's 600 miles from the South Pole, and if astronomers are right it could soon prove to be the best observing site on Earth.

Professional Telescopes

UK Restores Gemini Commitment

British astronomers won't have to do without the services of Gemini Observatory. Future funding issues nevertheless remain.

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Can Dunlap Obervatory Be Saved?

David Dunlap Observatory, north of Toronto, has many supporters that don't want to see it go.

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Friday Movie (and Sing-along)

A rock ballad from the 1970s now has a cosmic twist.

Professional Telescopes

Thirty Meter Telescope Moves Ahead

Thanks to a just-announced commitment of $300 million, astronomers and engineers can get ready to build the Thirty Meter Telescope — far larger than any other telescope on Earth.

Stellar Science

The Orion Nebula, Exactly?

Radio astronomers succeed where others have failed to pin down the distance to a great showpiece of the night sky.

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Will the UK Bail on Gemini?

Budget woes are forcing the United Kingdom to abandon its share of one of the world's premier observatories.

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Students To Go Pulsar Hunting

High-school students in West Virginia will sift through data from one of the world's largest radio telescopes to look for pulsars. Astronomers expect that they will find dozens.

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Dunlap Observatory, RIP

The University of Toronto has announced that the David Dunlap Observatory, situated north of Toronto, Ontario, and the home of Canada's largest optical telescope, is to be closed and sold.

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Site Picked for Giant Magellan Telescope

Another truly monster telescope of the future has just taken a step closer to reality.

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A Galaxy with the Wrong Shape

A newly discovered dwarf galaxy in Hercules isn't like the millions of other "dwarf spheroidals" known in the universe. It's cigar shaped.

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Professional Telescopes

Sharpening the 200-Inch

Using a double dose of new technology, astronomers have given an old telescope the sharpest vision ever achieved — besting even that of the Hubble Space Telescope.


A Starry Chemical Imbalance

New high-resolution images of dwarf galaxy IC 10 in Cassiopeia may help resolve an enduring mystery about this star-forming powerhouse.

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Rings of Uranus on Edge

For the first time since the rings of Uranus were discovered, astronomers are studying their edge-on view.

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Thirty Meter Telescope Moves Forward

Big telescopes cost big money. So it's a good thing that the world has some wealthy folks willing to help make big astronomy happen.

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Galaxy Monster Mash

Astronomers using a battery of ground- and space-based telescopes have stumbled upon the most massive galaxy smashup ever seen.

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ESO's Sweet Ride

Astronomers unveil the latest thing in transporting giant telescopes.

Professional Telescopes

The New Largest Telescope in the World

With an aperture of 10.4 meters, Spain's new Gran Telescopio Canarias is about to assume the title.

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