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Equinox Arrives September 22nd

Although many of us are already seeing seasonal changes, autumn for the Northern Hemisphere officially begins on Sunday, September 22nd, at 20:44 Universal Time. But why is the time of the equinox so specific? S&T's editors explain.

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Catch a "Shooting Star"

The Delta Aquariid meteor shower ramps up in late July, and you already have everything needed to enjoy the show: your eyes.

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The Ultimate New-Moon Sighting

A French astrophotographer used luck and some special gear to capture a razor-thin lunar crescent precisely at the moment of New Moon on July 8th.

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Now Playing: A Huge Sunspot Group

Cycle 24 hasn't offered much in the way of solar fireworks, but right now a large group of sunspots is front and center on the Sun's disk for your viewing enjoyment.

Saturn and its rings


Viewing Saturn: The Planet, Rings and Moons

Viewing Saturn is an old favorite for every telescope user. Here's a guide to seeing all that you can see on the ringed planet.

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This Weekend's Twilight Sky Gathering

The Moon, Jupiter, Aldebaran, and two naked-eye star clusters adorn the western twilight this weekend, April 12–14. Spread the word, and grab your camera.

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The Moon Salutes Jupiter

On the evening of Sunday, March 17th, stargazers all across the Americas will be able to watch the Moon pass spectacularly close to Jupiter, the third brightest object in the night sky after the Moon and Venus.

Close Spica-Moon conjunction

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The Moon Meets (and Hides) Spica

On Thursday, February 28th, late-evening skywatchers in the Americas can see a waning gibbous Moon nestled very close to Virgo's alpha star. Those in Central and South America might even see Spica wink out!

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Five Amateurs Share Edgar Wilson Award

Discovering a comet remains one of amateur astronomy's greatest accomplishments, and five individuals are being honored for doing just that.

Mercury and Mars, February 2013

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Mercury in February 2013

Mercury has a fine evening apparition in February 2013, featuring an extraordinarily close conjunction with Mars.

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Mercury Meets Mars

Mercury and Mars, the two smallest planets, appear spectacularly close to each other shortly after sunset on Thursday and Friday, February 7th and 8th.

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The Evening Zodiacal Light in 2013

The zodiacal light shows very well from dark locations at mid-northern latitudes starting about 80 minutes after sunset on moonless evenings from late January to early April.

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Jupiter Dances with the Moon

On the night of Monday, January 21, 2013. Jupiter, the second-brightest planet, appears less than a finger-width from the Moon as seen from North America. And in much of South America, the Moon passes in front of Jupiter, hiding it from view.

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Watch the Moon Pass Mars

A beautiful crescent Moon passes Mars shortly after sunset this weekend. But make sure you find the right spot to skygaze, or you might not see it.

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Follow the Morning Moon

The Moon is the great highlight of the early morning sky this week, as it heads for a spectacular rendezvous with Venus at dawn on Thursday, January 10th.

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See Ceres at Its Best for 2012

Ceres, the biggest asteroid and brightest dwarf planet,shines at magnitude 6.9 or brighter from December 12-25.

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“Sky-Is-Falling” Asteroid Flies By

The Earth-crossing asteroid 4179 Toutatis is making one of its close flybys, gliding among the stars and awaiting your telescope. Its magnitude will be 10.9 to 10.5 from December 11th through 14th.

Jupiter, Ganymede, Europa and double shadows, March 25, 2019

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Tour Jupiter with Our Newest App

Jupiter reigns big and beautiful over December's sky. Now you can take our newest app with you as a guide to Jupiter's moons, Great Red Spot, and more.

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The 2012 Leonid Meteor Shower

The annual Leonids should peak early Saturday morning. While they probably won't make a big impression this year, an absent Moon and the possibility of a second meteor peak next week raise the cool factor.

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Totality Down Under

The total solar eclipse on November 13-14 drew tens of thousands of umbraphiles to northeastern Australian and onto several ships in the South Pacific.