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The bright Moon shines with Jupiter Oct. 8, 2022

This Week's Sky At a Glance

This Week's Sky at a Glance, October 7 – 15

The bright Moon this week passes Jupiter, then Mars. Deep-sky darkness starts returning to the evening sky on the Thursday the 13th. The bulky Andromegasus Dipper is on autumn display.

Map of stellar corpses throughout the galaxy

Stellar Science

Astronomers Map the Milky Way's "Underworld"

A simulated map of the Milky Way shows the location of our galaxy's stellar corpses — and they're not where you might think they'd be.


Explore the Night with Bob King

Full Moon Fringe Benefits

The upcoming Hunter's Moon reminds us of the many ways we can enjoy observing our humble satellite.


Solar System

Juno's Close View of Jupiter's Europa (New Photos!)

Juno will pass over the surface of Europa this week in our closest view since the Galileo mission, aiding future exploration efforts.

Orange star in star field

Night Sky Sights

Meet Scheat, the Peak of Pegasus

Meet Scheat, the orange giant star that peaks the Great Square of Pegasus in autumn skies in the Northern Hemisphere.

Moon and Jupiter Oct 7-9 2022

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

October: Make Way for Jupiter

October is a great time of year to do some casual stargazing. The stars and planets are waiting for you — all you need is this month’s Sky Tour astronomy podcast. Just download or stream the audio file and take it with you outside.

Crescent Moon with Antares at dusk, Sept. 30, 2022

Celestial News & Events

This Week's Sky at a Glance, September 30 – October 8

The Moon poses with Antares at dusk. A few nights later, lunar sunrise unveils the sharp black line of the Straight Wall in Mare Nubium for small-telescope users. Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars span the evening sky. Mercury climbs onstage at dawn.

SOFIA in flight

Professional Telescopes

SOFIA Airborne Observatory Has Taken Its Final Flight

The flying observatory has been grounded due to its lofty price-tag and questionable productivity, causing an outcry among astronomers

Black sphere near a glowing sphere

Black Holes

Wobbly Star Reveals the Closest Black Hole Yet

The most compelling dormant stellar-mass black hole candidate in the Milky Way orbits a Sun-like star only 1,570 light-years away.

Artist's illustration of a baby planet


Breadcrumbs Lead to Baby Planet

New radio images reveal evidence for a planet forming around the Sun-like star LkCa 15.

collection of still images showing a small white dot moving across a black background and dissolving into a plume of white dust

Solar System

Photos Show Drama of DART Asteroid Impact (Updated)

The DART impact into asteroid moon Dimorphos wowed astronomers with an unexpectedly dramatic plume.

Dimorphos' rocky surface

Spacecraft and Space Missions

NASA's DART Mission Successfully Impacts Asteroid

NASA's DART mission will impact the asteroidal moon Didymos on Monday. Here's how to watch and what we'll learn.

Fast radio burst art

Stellar Science

New Observations Add Fuel to Fast Radio Burst Origin Debate

A peculiar repeating fast radio burst seems to be coming from a dynamic environment in an otherwise uninteresting region, leaving researchers scratching their heads as to the burst’s origin.

Close-up on glowing Neptune and its gossamer rings

Solar System

Neptune's Rings, Jupiter's “Frosted Cupcakes,” and 3D Views of Mars

Three solar system emissaries have returned beautiful and even interactive vistas of Neptune, Jupiter, and Mars.

Cup-shaped dawn crescent Moon, Sept 24, 2022

Celestial News & Events

This Week's Sky at a Glance, September 23 – October 1

Cygnus and the Milky Way cross the zenith after the end of twilight. Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars await your scope through the night. A thin crescent Moon poses favorably at dawn — because it's cupped.

Orange ring around dark center, with a hot bubble circling it

The Black Hole Files with Camille Carlisle

Hotspot Zooms Around Our Galaxy’s Black Hole

Astronomers have detected a bubble of hot gas circling our galaxy’s central black hole soon after seeing a flare, suggesting both arose from the same process.

Jupiter up close

Explore the Night with Bob King

Jupiter's Exceptionally Close Opposition

A sentinel in the autumnal sky, Jupiter marks its closest opposition since 1963.


Webb's Exoplanet Data Are Almost Too Good

A new study urges caution in interpreting the chemical fingerprints that Webb is collecting of alien worlds.

Astronomy and Society

Astrophotographer of the Year Awards

The Royal Observatory Greenwich has announced the winners of the 14th annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest.

Perseverance selfie at Skinner Ridge

Solar System

Perseverance Finds Ancient Habitable Conditions on Mars

The mission team has reported results from Perseverance's study of the rocks deposited by the river that once flowed into Jezero Crater.