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Massive Meteorite Found in China

A team of Chinese researchers trekked to a remote mountaintop in the Xinjiang region and identified one of the largest meteorites known.

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Remembering Tom Gehrels (1925-2011)

Dutch-born planetary scientist and asteroid hunter Tom Gehrels passed away on July 11th. Sky & Telescope contributing editor Govert Schilling shares his memories of a unique person.

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Hail and Farewell, Atlantis!

Sky & Telescope's veteran space-science reporter muses on his long association with the Space Shuttle after witnessing its final launch at 10:29 a.m. EDT on Friday, June 8, 2011.

Astronomy and Society

ALCon Meets Under Dark Mountain Skies

With bright stars all night and amateur-astronomical enthusiasm all day, America's biggest coalition of astronomy clubs held a bang-up annual convention.

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Amateur Science on the Rise

Robert Naeye comments on his experience at the annual SAS symposium, held at Big Bear Lake, California.

MMT Observatory

Science and Space Policy

Praising Arizona — II

S&T contributing editor Govert Schilling visits observatories in southern Arizona.

Solar System

Praising Arizona — I

S&T contributing editor Govert Schilling visits observatories in southern Arizona

Professional Telescopes

McDonald Observatory Dodges Wildfire

The Rock House Fire has consumed more than 300 square miles in West Texas and came within about a mile of the telescopes atop Mount Locke before abating. But the nearby town of Fort Davis wasn't so fortunate.

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Royal Birth Heralded by a Supernova?

Why didn't 17th-century observers see the exploding star that created the Cas A supernova remnant? According to a controversial new hypothesis, British royal historians — but not astronomers — saw the event in 1630.

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NEAF: Bigger and Better Than Ever

Record crowds swarmed into the Northeast Astronomy Forum last weekend to examine amateur astronomy's latest telescopes, cameras, gizmos and gear.

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Remembering James Elliot, 1943–2011

The co-discoverer of Uranus's rings and Pluto's atmosphere has passed away at age 67.

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Boston's Planetarium Gets a Makeover

Looking spiffy after a year-long, $9 million renovation, New England's largest sky theater can now transport audiences to the edge of the universe in style.

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R. Jay GaBany Wins Chambliss Award

California astrophotographer R. Jay GaBany wins the 2011 award for cutting-edge amateur research.

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Shining New Light on "Hanny's Voorwerp"

A mysterious, galaxy-size cloud of glowing gas, discovered by a Dutch schoolteacher in 2007, is teaching cosmologists a thing or two about how quasars work.

Stellar Science

10-Year-Old Girl Spots Supernova

With a click of a computer mouse, Kathryn Gray helped discover an exploding star 240 million light-years away.

Celestial News & Events

Daydreaming About January 4th's Solar Eclipse

Lucky skywatchers in Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia will get to see a deep partial eclipse of the Sun on Tuesday.

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Brian G. Marsden (1937-2010)

The astronomer known worldwide for his orbital computations, his tenure as the IAU's "cosmic cop" for new discoveries, and his role in the "demotion" of Pluto has passed away at age 73.

Allan Sandage at Mount Wilson

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Tribute to a Pioneering Cosmologist

The astronomical world is mourning the passing of Allan Sandage, whose decades of observations refined our understanding of the breadth and depth of the visible universe.

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Happy Birthday, John Dobson!

Amateur astronomy's iconic guru of telescope-making turns 95 on September 14th.

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Jack Horkheimer Passes Away at 72

The airwaves will no longer carry that signature phrase "Keep looking up!", as an iconic figure of amateur astronomy died today at age 72.