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Five Amateurs Share Edgar Wilson Award

Discovering a comet remains one of amateur astronomy's greatest accomplishments, and five individuals are being honored for doing just that.

FireFly approaches asteroid

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Asteroid Mining Gets Competitive

Deep Space Industries, Inc, announced plans to send a fleet of asteroid-prospecting to target asteroids in 2015 — and that’s just the first step in their ambitious proposal.

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Will the World End on December 21st?

Editor in Chief Robert Naeye goes out on a limb and predicts that the world will not end today. But with tongue in cheek, let's count the ways the world could end.

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Sir Patrick Moore, 1923-2012

Britain's celebrated skywatcher and night-sky popularizer, synonymous with astronomy worldwide, died peacefully on Sunday at age 89.

Solar System

Van Allen Probes Peek at Radiation Belts

The twin Van Allen Probes have only been spaceborne for 60 days, but they’ve already returned heaps of data about the radiation belts, whose "killer electrons" endanger satellites.

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Advanced Imaging Conference 2012

Watch Dennis di Cicco's recent interview with Apogee Imaging Systems’ president Wayne Brown at the 2012 Advanced Imaging Conference.

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ESO Celebrates Its History and Future

On October 5th, the European Southern Observatory and the Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder will broadcast live webcasts to celebrate years gone by and new beginnings.

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Big Meteoroid Boomerangs Around Earth

Late on September 21st, a bright fireball broke apart as it skimmed the atmosphere over northwestern Europe — then it became a temporary satellite, looping completely around the planet before its searing finale over eastern North America.


IAU Conference Draws to a Close

In the final days of the IAU conference, Jay Pasachoff reports on talks about black holes and exoplanets, and a redefinition of the average distance between the Earth and the Sun.

Jay Pasachoff and local Chinese students

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Science All Around at the IAU

Jay Pasachoff blogs about his experience at the second week of IAU's General Assembly in Beijing, taking in talks on everything from the age of the universe to the history of sunspots.

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Astro-Sightseeing in Inner Mongolia

A break from the IAU's two-week-long General Assembly provided an opportunity to tour a radio observatory dedicated to solar research — and to find a surprising statue in the city of Ming'antu.

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IAU Readies for Conference

Stay tuned as astronomer Jay Pasachoff reports from the upcoming International Astronomical Union conference in Beijing, China.

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Mount Sharp or Aeolis Mons?

Scientists associated with the Curiosity mission have two names for the towering peak inside Gale crater. SkyandTelescope.com readers told us which one they liked best.

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Watch Curiosity Descend onto Mars

See through Curiosity's eyes as it descends to the surface of the Red Planet.

Spacecraft and Space Missions

What Happened to the Flags On The Moon?

It's a question that still gets asked: "Can you see the six flags left on the Moon by Apollo astronauts?" The surprising answer is "Yes".

Dome at Lowell Observatory

Pro-Am Collaboration

Lowell Observatory's Pro-Am Initiative

If you're a serious stargazer with good gear, a passion for observing, and some free time, a team of astronomers at Lowell Observatory hope to hear from you.

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Let the Star Parties Begin!

Want to gaze at the Milky Way all night or peer into the eyepiece of a 12-inch telescope? Escape the city lights and head for the nearest big amateur nighttime gathering.

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Starstruck: The Fine Art of Astrophotography

A large astrophotography exhibit opens at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.

Stellar Science

Pro-Am Teamwork on the Rise

As demonstrated this week during a gathering of observers in Big Bear, California, amateur and professional astronomers are joining forces as never before.

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Capturing the Beauty of the Night Sky

From Comet Lovejoy in the southern skies to the aurora borealis over Iceland, the winners of the 2012 International Earth & Sky Photo Contest find beauty in darkness and show the threat of increasing light pollution.