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Venus, Mercury and Marsa at dawn, early Feb. 2022

This Week's Sky At a Glance

This Week's Sky at a Glance, February 4 – 12

This is the part of the month when the evening Moon is at its telescopic best in many skywatchers' opinions, as the terminator sweeps across the middle of the Moon's disk. And in February, the Moon at these phases rides especially high. Jupiter sinks low in evening twilight, and a triangle of planets displays in early dawn.

HD 93521

Stellar Science

A Star Where It Shouldn't Be

There’s a massive star in our galaxy’s halo, far away from the usual star-forming haunts. How did it get there?

Spectral view of galactic center

Milky Way

Astonishing Radio View of the Milky Way’s Heart

A new radio survey reveals a complex and chaotic galactic center teeming with supernova remnants, star-forming regions, and mysterious filaments.

Observing the stars

Learning About the Sky

See the Sun from Other Stars

We journey to distant suns to look back at our solar system and see its place among the stars.

Orion's neighborhood

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

February: Orion’s Neighborhood

Our monthly Sky Tour astronomy podcast provides an informative and entertaining 12-minute guided tour of the nighttime sky. Download February’s episode to explore the colorful constellations that surround Orion, the Hunter.


Exoplanet Hunter Racks up 5,000 “Objects of Interest”

Since its 2018 launch, the unassuming TESS satellite has found 175 confirmed exoplanets (so far) among 5,000 “objects of interest.”

Moon, Venus and Mars at dawn, Jan. 28-30, 2022

This Week's Sky At a Glance

This Week's Sky at a Glance, January 28 – February 5

The Winter Triangle, the Goat Star and the Kids, Orion nearing his peak standing on the giant Hare over the difficult Dove... there's plenty to occupy you in the evening even as most of the planets have migrated over to dawn.

Black Holes

Does the Andromeda Galaxy Harbor a Mid-weight Black Hole?

New observations suggest a black hole 100,000 times the mass of the Sun lurks in the center of a globular cluster of the Andromeda Galaxy.

Lunar impact site on the Moon's farside

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

SpaceX Rocket Booster to Hit the Moon on March 4th

A discarded Falcon 9 upper stage rocket booster will impact Hertzsprung Crater on the lunar farside on March 4th.

View of Gale Crater from top of pediment

Solar System

Evidence Hints at Ancient Life on Mars

Scientists have found a chemical signature that hints at ancient life on Mars. But other possible explanations remain.

Andromeda Galaxy, streaked

Astronomy and Society

Starlink Satellites Not Impacting Science — Yet

A new study of Starlink satellites’ impact on astronomy gives the community cause for both relief and concern.


Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

The James Webb Space Telescope Has Arrived at Its Destination

Fully deployed, the James Webb Space Telescope arrived at its new home today, in a halo orbit around the Earth-Sun L2 Lagrange point.

Artist's illustration of a magnetar

Stellar Science

Exploring a Magnetospheric Origin for Fast Radio Bursts

Astronomers are starting to close in on the origins of fast radio bursts — powerful, fleeting flashes of radio waves seen at extragalactic distances.

Lunar eclipse composite Nov 19 2021

Celestial News & Events

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2022

Although no total or annular solar eclipses occur this year, skywatchers can look forward to two total lunar eclipses — the first ones observable across North America in more than 3 years.

Venus, Mars, Antares at dawn, Jan. 22, 2022

This Week's Sky At a Glance

This Week's Sky at a Glance, January 21 – 29

As Jupiter gets lower now, Orion and Gemini rise high, the Winter Triangle pivots on Sirius, the Great Square sinks and the Big Dipper creeps up.

Mare Orientale gravity map

Solar System

Set Your Sights on This Lunar Bull’s-Eye

Go ahead, live on the edge: Grab your chance this month to see Mare Orientale, one of the most spectacular lunar seas most people have never seen.

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Interstellar Probe Proposed to Explore the Solar Neighborhood

A unique mission concept known as Interstellar Probe would venture beyond the solar system and probe our neighborhood environment.

Asteroid makes close approach

Celestial News & Events

Watch an Asteroid Race Across the Sky

The kilometer-wide, potentially hazardous asteroid 1994 PC1 will fly past Earth on January 18th. Good news on two counts: It won't hit us, and it's bright enough to see in a 4-inch telescope.

Neptune-size exomoon around a giant planet (art)


Needle in the Haystack: New Exomoon Candidate Found

Astronomers may have found a second Neptune-size exomoon hidden in the retired Kepler space telescope’s data.

Celestial News & Events

This Week's Sky at a Glance, January 14 – 22

Jupiter stands alone at dusk. The Moon dances with Castor and Pollux while Iris creeps in the background. And you can't keep Venus down for long; its tiny crescent reappears at dawn.