What’s a black hole? What will a larger aperture telescope get you? This is the place to come for answers to almost every astronomy question you can think of — and many you haven’t.

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Deepen your knowledge of astronomy as a science as you browse these Q&As and learn about the universe’s fascinating array of celestial bodies, from planets to stars to black holes. Discover the difference (and evidence for) dark energy and dark matter, and learn about worlds closer to home such as Venus and Saturn.

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Delve into the hobby of astronomy: learn about different types of equipment and what they can do, and discover the limits (read: challenges) of observing the night sky with instruments and the unaided eye. The Q&As presented here cover a wide range of readers' questions, and we’ve responded with detailed and well-researched answers. Search for a specific question or just browse through — our readers have come up with some interesting hypotheticals over the years!

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